Киевский музей К.Г.Паустовского

Let my favourite someone be yours

Russian writer Konstantin Paustovskiy

Speech of ARTalkers Toastmasters International Club member

Liudmyla Grytsiuk



Let my favourite someone be yours


Some time ago in the part of our meeting «Art News» I announced about a new museum in our city – a museum of a famous Russian writer Konstantin Georgievich Paustovskiy. This event pleased me a lot because Paustovskiy is one of my favourite authors and encouraged me to tell you more about him.

I'll start from some biographical information, then continue about my acquaintance, my attitude and my love to Konstantin Paustovskiy. I'll finish my story with an example of his worldwide recognition.

So the years of Paustovskiy's life are from 1892 till 1968. Paustovskiy was born in Moscow, but had been spending his childhood and youth in Kiev.

He studied in Kiev's school and later in Kiev's university. His first litrary experience happened in Kiev as well. In a small house in Lukianivka district, where Paustovskiy lived with grandmother, he wrote the first short stories which were published in Kiev's magazine.

More than 20 years Paustovskiy had been living in Kiev. He loved it a lot and told about himself: «I am Moscowman by birth, but Kievman in soul.»

One more important detail from his biography. In 1965 Paustovskiy was represented for competition of the Nobel Prize for his work in literature. But, in the result, Michael Sholokhov was awarded the Nobel Prize.

I got acquainted with Paustovskiy's creative work in my school years by chance. I remember the library where I went to take quite another book. Konstantin Paustovskiy wasn't in school programm and I didn't hear his name earlier. Somehow the librarian mistakenly gave me a small book of Paustovskiy's stories. I remember the place in my house where I firstly touched to his exciting and splendid prose. Since that time I've loved him forever.

I won't tell you even the shortest story now, because I can't convey its charm and magic. What only I can say is while I am reading stories by Paustovskiy, a light melancoly smile appears on my face.

Another event from my school life, connected with this great name. I had two favourite teachers: on Math and on Literature. Our Literature teacher, to involve us to modern literature, time to time organized so called «the lessons of outclass reading». Once she announced the next reading theme: «Konstantin Paustovskiy and his creative work». I seemed she didn't finish the last words, as I found myself with my raised arm. My teacher noticed that I knew and loved Konstantin Paustovskiy. Of course I was scheduled to prepare that report.

I prepared a long delivery about Konstantin Paustovskiy. It included both biographical information and retelling some stories from different collections. Almost the whole lesson I tried to interest my classmates, to encourage them to love Konstantin Paustovskiy as much as I did. I think I coped with my task well, because my teacher praised me.

But the most satisfaction I received when after the lesson one so called «bad boy» came to me and told, that some part of my presentation he had listened with his eyes full of tears, especially the story «Snow».

I'd like to notice, that the story «Snow» had no definite ending. But I extremely wanted the man and woman to be together. So, I finished the story with words: «As Potapov sent her the letter, he'd come back and they would necessarily get married».

And now about some recollection of American actress Marlen Ditrikh. She learned about Paustovskiy after reading the story, which was called «Telegramm». Marlen Ditrikh was charmed by his style of writing and feelings the story was filled. Then she read a lot of Paustovskiy's works, came to love to him and tried to know more and more about her favourite author.

Once during her concert in Moscow the secretary told her, that Konstantin Paustovskiy was seating in the hall.

Marlen Ditrikh was very suprised, because Paustovskiy was seriously ill that time. But how she was astonished at the end of the concert, when Konstantin Paustovskiy himself went up to scene and presented Marlen Ditrikh with a bouquet of flowers. Marlen Ditrikh was so pleased and puzzled at the same time, that she didn't find another way to show Paustovskiy her appreciation as knelt before him.

What a beloved and respacted, famous and recognized was Konstantin Georgievich Paustovskiy!

Preparing this presentation I found it useful and necessary to visit Paustovskiy's museum.

Remind you, the museum was opened at the end of November in Michaela Kotzubinskogo Street 12B.

It is situated in secondary school and was organized by efforts of school teachers, pupils and their parents. I've talked to one of museum's organizers and learned, that during a year they had been collecting materials about Kiev's period of Paustovskiy's life. By the way there are four museums of Paustovskiy in Ukraine and two in Russia.

I was lucky to join the group of Kiev's guides for excursion around museum. We were shown and given a very qualified and full information about Paustovskiy. Appropriate atmosphere, the company of interested people helped us deepen into understanding of Paustovskiy's dignity.

To conclude I ask you to hurry up to Paustovskiy's museum to get to know more about his life and creative work. Hurry up to get his books and you'll receive an excellent opportunity to touch to a fabulous and fantastic prose by Konstantin Georgievich Paustovskiy!

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